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Thank you and goodbye!!!

After a little over two years in operation, we are closing our doors as of Monday, 30 June 2014, and moving on to other challenges. We are not closing due to failure! Most independent start-up restaurants don't make it through the first year. Over 90% fail. Of the remainder, about 90% fail in the second year. We are definitely "one-percenters" since our business was doing quite well and growing in the 25th month of operation. However, sometimes other factors are more important.

First, we had to say goodbye to two special people. When you have a small, family restaurant, the hired help are more than employees. More than friends. They are family, too. One of us had to move back to Thailand, and another had to move to Japan. We could never replace them, so the time was right for us to move on, hopefully to something that will give us less stress and a lot more free time!

So, thanks a bunch to all of our friends, regular customers, and everybody who helped make our restaurant adventure a great success.


khàawp khun mâak ná khâ

Thank you very much!


chôok dii ná khâ

Good luck!


laa gàawn


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